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Oil and Gas 

The oil and gas industry continues to drive the world and create fantastic business opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs. However, the industry also has its share of disputes, most of which involve complex issues and litigation.

If you are conducting business in oil and gas, you need an experienced law firm to handle your disputes when they arise. Whether you are a landowner, lease owner, or a large oil producer or gas company, we have the resources, skill and passion to faithfully represent your interests.

Common Oil and Gas Disputes

The oil and gas industry is an enormous field with many different players. Disputes arise at every level of business, from the signing of land leases to the purchase and delivery of valuable oil and gas products.

Royalty Issues

Royalty issues can occur in many forms, such as improper payment of royalties or failure to pay royalties. Whatever issue you are facing, you need a seasoned attorney to help ensure that you suffer as little a setback as possible.

Lease Issues

Leases are a big part of the oil and gas industry. When everything is running smoothly, both parties of the lease may enjoy lucrative results. However, disputes often get in the way and require quick resolution to avoid a loss of profits. Whether you are a driller or a landowner, we can help you put an end to any lease issues that are negatively affecting business operations.

Storage and Transportation Disputes

Oil and gas products must be transported and stored according to contract terms and extensive regulations. Without the right law firm representing you, disputes in this area that lead to litigation can result in crippling outcomes.

We’re ready to fight to ensure that your operation comes out on top in these disputes and provide guidance to help you avoid similar disputes in the future.

Issues With Shale and Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking,” has been a profit generator for the Texas oil and gas industry for many years. But those profits can result in a wide range of disputes. Our experienced litigators can protect your interests and help secure your future growth.

Our award-winning and industry-recognized litigators are ready to listen and fight for you. We have extensive experience in the oil and gas industry and can confidently and effectively navigate the complex and nuanced laws and regulations.


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