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— Dakota M.

Intellectual Property

We understand the value of intellectual property and how to fight for clients involved in intellectual property litigation. The theft of trade secrets, patented work product and other material is rampant and nets billions of dollars in value each year for unlawful users.

If you have valuable forms of intellectual property as an individual or business, you deserve the highest forms of protection. No matter what issue you are dealing with, we’ll work to craft creative strategies designed to help you prevail and resolve the dispute in as timely a manner as possible.   

Types of Intellectual Property Disputes We Handle 

We have the experience and resources to represent businesses of every size and scope in the various venues used for intellectual property disputes, including federal and state courts, federal and state appellate courts and international arbitration panels.

Our work has involved representing plaintiffs and defendants in a range of different intellectual property matters, including the following: 


We work closely with clients to ensure that their current copyright protections are strong and airtight. Additionally, we help clients conduct business without violating copyright laws and incurring liabilities. Our experience in copyright litigation includes protecting our clients’ copyrights in:  

  • Architectural designs  
  • Artwork   
  • Music   
  • Books 
  • Image and Likeness 
  • Technology   


We offer comprehensive litigation services for our clients dealing with trademark disputes, as well as recommendations to protect those assets for the future. At every stage of litigation, you can rely on us to provide effective counsel on the various types of trademark issues that can arise, such as:  

  • Trade dress  
  • Domain name  
  • Lanham Act claims  
  • Unfair competition   


Our team of attorneys is equipped to handle patent litigation for defendants and plaintiffs in federal, district and appellate courts across the nation.   

While prepared to take these claims to the courtroom, we can also offer strategic planning for the future so that you can be protected from potential threats and fully prepared for any dispute that may arise.   

Trade Secrets

We defend against and prosecute all types of legal actions in trade-secret litigation, from temporary restraining orders to ex parte seizures.  

Our experience allows us to litigate effectively at every stage of a dispute and take the steps that our clients need in order to prevail on the issues, whether they involve restrictive covenants or any other issue related to trade-secret litigation.   

Rights of Publicity

In the image-based world that we live in, it is no surprise that issues arise involving the rights that an individual has over the use of his or her name, likeness, voice or some other personal aspect.   

We have represented plaintiffs who have been harmed in right-of-publicity cases, as well as defendants.  

We understand that protecting your valuable assets can be critical. Regardless of the issue, and whether an individual or a business, you can trust DLL Law to provide the means to safeguard your intellectual property and make sure that you have every protection available under the law.   


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