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Sexual Assault   

Sexual assault is a heinous act that often leaves victims physically injured and emotionally traumatized. Victims may find some comfort from the criminal consequences that sometimes follow sexual assaults, but they can pursue further justice when they take legal action of their own.

If someone has sexually assaulted you, significant compensation may be available that won’t reverse the past but will help you in the future.

Liability for Sexual Assault

Sexual assault perpetrators can face civil and criminal liability for their actions, but law enforcement does not pursue every sexual assault case that is reported. And when prosecutors do file charges, they are not always successful.

Even when a criminal action is not pursued, the victim of a sexual assault can file a lawsuit against the attacker in civil court, independent of any criminal case. Because the burden of proof in civil cases is lower than in criminal cases, a civil case might lead to a different result. For example, a defendant could be found not guilty in a criminal case but liable in a civil lawsuit.


There may be various forms of damages for victims of sexual abuse, including monetary and nonmonetary forms. They include:

  • Medical Costs: Victims may need post-assault treatment and ongoing care related to the assault.
  • Lost Income: Victims often need time away from work to heal.
  • Loss of Consortium: Many victims find it extremely difficult or impossible to re-engage in intimate relationships with loved ones.
  • Mental Anguish: Mental anguish is common after a sexual assault, often due to the victim constantly reliving the incident.
  • Anxiety and Depression: Sexual assault can cause victims to spiral into depression or anxiety.

Punitive damages may also be available for sexual assault victims. Also known as “exemplary damages,” punitive damages are ordered by a court when a defendant’s actions are particularly egregious. They are paid in addition to other damages.

Important Time Considerations

Sexual assault victims must understand the time considerations surrounding lawsuits. For example, Texas has a statute of limitations of five years for personal injury cases based on sexual assault. After five years, the lawsuit is no longer valid. Additionally, the sooner a person takes action after an attack, the stronger his or her case will typically be.

Justice through compensation brings closure, although many can never truly forget what they have gone through.

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