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Class Actions

When you suffer harm due to another party’s negligence, you can often seek compensation for your losses through an individual personal injury claim.

However, if you are among many victims who were harmed by the same party, it is sometimes more efficient and effective to join other victims in a single legal action instead of filing multiple individual lawsuits.

Class-Action Basics

A class action can be filed against one or more defendants who have caused similar harm to numerous individuals. The plaintiffs in class-action cases form a single entity to demand some sort of remedy against the offending party or parties.

In many cases, class actions are preferable when considering the time involved and the costs associated with individual lawsuits.

For example, if you were overcharged $250 for services provided by a company, it would be inefficient to file a lawsuit to recover that amount. However, if 250,000 people were overcharged, a class action could make the legal action justified.

Class Representatives and Classes

All class actions have an appointed individual whose name appears as the plaintiff in the lawsuit to represent all victims who have suffered the same or similar damages.

The class representative works closely with the attorneys and other plaintiffs to make decisions about the lawsuit until the case is resolved. In many cases, defendants in these cases are large companies or organizations, which is why class actions may have victims residing throughout the nation.

Class-Action Judgments

Although many different victims may be involved, a class action is considered to be one single legal action. However, the compensation that each class member receives may vary, depending on the specific losses that each person has incurred.

The class representative, also known as the lead plaintiff, typically receives additional compensation on top of the judgment award for the extra work performed throughout the course of the lawsuit.

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